How to Install a Lift Kit on a Jeep Cherokee

lift kit on jeep cherokee

One doesn’t need much explanation regarding the usage and functions of jeep. Just like any other jeep, Jeep Cherokee can also be used to travel on rocky roads, highways and others that aren’t conventional like the roads of cities. However it will be completely insane for anyone if they think no adjustment is needed for going to off-roads. The minor change that’s need is to higher up the suspension. The most effective way to do it is to make full use of the Jeep lift kit for suspension purposes, and then enjoy driving outside cities. Granted it’s easier for those who are experienced in modifying their cars rather than a rookie, so here are some categorically posted guidelines regarding installation of Jeep lift kits.

1)      By removing the tiny crooked clip located on the spring p...

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The Leading Aftermarket Jeep Parts and Accessories Merchant Online


4Wheel Drive Hardware, also known as 4WD, is located in Columbiana, Ohio and is a branch of Transamerican Auto Parts.  It is the principal Internet and mail order distributor of Jeep aftermarket parts and accessories.

Founded by Tom Kennedy, the company was created to fill his own requirements as a 4-wheel drive hobbyist.  The difficulty to find excellent quality Jeep replacement parts motivated him to put up his own business of selling high quality Jeep parts and accessories at very affordable prices.  Using his 2-car garage, he established 4WD over 30 years ago.

Transamerican Auto Parts Company, LLC purchased 4WD in 2006...

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Why every Jeep Needs a Hitch Mounted Rack Carrier

Hitch Mounted Rack Carrier

You may be wondering what exactly a hitch mounted rack carrier is and why it must be a member of the Jeep essentials family.  You can wonder no more because you are about to be schooled.

What is it?

A hitch mounted rack carrier is just what it sounds like.  It is a rack carrier that mounts to the hitch on your Jeep.  These carriers come in different types and are made by different manufacturers.  Some of them are for bikes while others are for gear like camping gear or coolers or whatever else you want to put back there.  This means that it is a necessity because as we all know, there is not much room for gear inside the Jeep.

Heavy Duty Receiver Rack

This is a rack that is made by Olympic 4×4 Products.  It is a direct fit to your trailer hitch...

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Benefits of Jeep Tire Covers

If you have a Jeep…and even if you don’t, then you know that most of the time the spare tire is carried on the back of the vehicle.   This is actually beneficial in that when you need the tire, it is right there.  Also, it gives you one more way to personalize your vehicle with a tire cover.

What are Jeep Tire Covers?

Jeep tire covers are covers that go on the outside of the spare tire on the back of your Jeep.  They are tight fitting and protect your spare tire from the elements and helps to keep them from dry rotting.  They also ensure that your original equipment jack and whatever else is stored with your spare tire are all kept safe and hidden from sight.

What are they made of?


These tire covers are a great way to personalize your Jeep...

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Doorless Jeep Mirrors

jeep mirrors redWhether you have doors on your Jeep or not, you need mirrors on it.  Mirrors are an integral part of a vehicle.  You need them so you can easily see what is not only behind you but also what is to either side of you.  They help you to avoid running into things and sometimes from things running into you (if you see them in enough time to get out of the way).

We all know how and where to find mirrors…both rear view and side mirrors for normal vehicles but what about for a Jeep that has had the doors removed?  That is what we will talk about today.

Rugged Ridge Relocation Kit

This is a kit that will help you to mount Jeep mirrors when the Jeep does not have doors.  It is black and made by Omix Ada (a Rugged Ridge subsidiary)...

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Pro Comp Lift Kits: Fixing Your Stance

pro comp lift kitsOk, so how many times have you gone to a dealership and taken a really good look at the trucks on the lot?  How about this: How many times have you been driving down the road and noticed that some of the trucks you see are closer to the ground in the front than they are in the rear?  Have you ever wondered why that is?  Have you ever wondered if people do that on purpose or how to fix it?

The people at Pro Comp noticed, wondered and offer you the parts to fix it should you choose to.  If you want your vehicle to have a level stance then this is the company that you should look to for the correct parts to do so.

Pro Comp Lift Kits

A lift kit from Pro Comp is not a true lift kit.  By that I mean that it does not lift both the front and the rear of the vehicle...

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Dove Springs:Jawbone Canyon OHV Area

Dove Springs Jawbone CanyonAre you looking for a place to enjoy being off road?  Maybe you enjoy camping.  You could possibly be the type of person who enjoys and combines both of these activities.  If either of these types of people fit your personality and likes then you might just want to check out Dove Springs – Jawbone Canyon.

What can you do there?

If you want to drive cross country then you can do that here at both of these areas.  You can also camp there but be advised that you cannot drain your holding tanks on site.

Driving Opportunities

If you are in the mood to tackle some sand there are actually areas known as sandy bowls for you to drive in.  Steep hills are also part of the terrain if you feel like climbing.  If you prefer sticking to hard paced trails there are those too.

How to find it

If yo...

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Where to Buy Jeep Parts Online Review

jeep parts diagramPurchasing jeep parts online is a tricky business. It requires not only the knowledge of your own vehicle and its different parts, it also requires a fair knowledge of the online sale of jeep parts. Before embarking on the process of purchasing jeep parts, you need to discern the deficiencies in the performance of your vehicle. Once you correctly identify the exact performance issues that your jeep suffers from, you can find the right kind of parts to fit it up with.

The best place to buy jeep parts is from any of the online resellers. They offer great prices, many discounts as well as occasional free shipping offers. Among the notable online resellers of jeep parts is 4Wheel Drive Hardware.

4WD offers a huge range of jeep parts and accessories...

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Outdoor Exercise In Cold Season


Outdoor activities are usually performed during summer season. However, if you are not a seasonal player or athlete, you still want to perform certain exercise activities during cold weather. Therefore, in order to make sure that you will be fine right after an exercise activity, you must have to follow several tips that will allow you keep your body safe from any natural phenomenon.

Basically, all you have to protect is you whole body from breezing and low temperature. Therefore, in order to avoid suffering from hypothermic attacks, all you have to do is to dress yourself properly. Dressing properly means protecting your feet and hands through a thick clothing material. This precautionary measure allows you to stay warm and safe while performing your exercise activities in cold weather.

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Santa Ana 4 Wheel Parts Reviews

Every 4wd owner should have at least a rudimentary understanding of the importance of 4 Wheel Parts.  If you live in or near Santa Ana, California then you are lucky enough to have one of their Performance Centers near you at 809 S. Grand Ave.  If you are not aware of what they have to offer you then continue reading this 4 Wheel Parts review and maybe you will learn something.

Even though 4 Wheel Parts is in essence a parts house, they are a parts house that specializes in 4wd vehicles like Jeeps, trucks and SUVs.  That means that anything you can imagine ever needing or wanting for your 4wd monster can be found at 4 Wheel Parts.  When you first go into the store you will notice the Smittybilt displays, the tire and wheel displays and the bumper displays...

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